Dinner News

Went to delightful spanish village where all the houses are painted white, (go there every year) and even the owner came out to say welcome back! First tortilla of the the holiday and people watching, or rather people listening! Sat next to a table of 4 middle aged Irish persons. They were discussing whether to go jet skiing when one piped up, you should live in the moment because in 2030 the world is ending!!! I choked on my tortilla, WTF is it??…….no one bloody told me! I stopped eating to listen intently… The other 3 nodded I guess in agreement. The man continued ‘so we only have 15 years left’ (obviously a mathematician). So it was decided they were going jet skiing the next day! They then starting discussing how good the peanuts on the table were! And I’m like hang on you can’t just put that out there and then talk about the merits of bloody peanuts!! What month, what date and why is world ending?? So many questions and with that they got up and left and I’m sat there like a goldfish! I am gonna have to google this shit!

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