Pool News

Yesterday was extremely hot, the hotel recorded 41C in the shade and today is going to be even hotter! So after a spot of sunbathing needed to cool off and headed to the pool and drifted about on my back. There was a small elderly Spanish lady in there, an amorous teenage couple (behaving like Siamese twins) and a German man doing breast stroke lengths. As I enjoyed the coolness of the water I was disturbed by loud excited voices. (New arrivals) I looked over and coming down the roman pool steps were two very large children, followed by even larger adults (probably their parents) and behind them two equally large sullen faced teenagers. (I didn’t think English schools had broken up yet….they are going to get fined!). They entered the water and then to my amazement started jumping up and down squealing loudly. I had no idea that six people could cause so much water dispersement, suddenly the tranquil pool had been turned into a frigging wave machine. The old Spanish lady went under water, the German was frantically performing butterfly stroke to return to the shallow end and the amorous teenage couple were still stuck together and seemingly oblivious to events (I was impressed). I was clinging on to the side of the pool and noticed the Spanish lady had gone under water for the third time and the German had just made it to the shallow end! Finally the lifeguard, realising he had a situation, got off his butt and started shouting at the jumping 6.. ‘No No No….. He then jumped in to rescue the old lady, who had just reappeared from under the water, gasping for breath! As the waves subsided I managed to get to the shallow end and crawl up the steps muttering politically incorrect comments at the now not jumping 6. As I got out and headed to the safety of my sun bed and parasol it dawned on me, I was going to have to get up even earlier to even stand a chance at the breakfast buffet!

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