Last Day of Holiday

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard everything there is always something around the corner! Whilst laying on my prime positioned sun bed, not too far away from the function hall. A loud booming noise can be heard on the microphone in the nearby function room, with a heavily spanish accented voice saying ‘Sound test, sound test, Won, To, Tre, Won, To, Tre’ Well he went on to repeat this little ditty for the next 10mins. After which he then proceeded to go through the alphabet, occasionally repeating one letter over and over again. He was particularly fond of C (pronounced as ‘say’) and P (alternating between ‘pay’ and ‘pee’). That took about another 20 minutes! Then came the drums, 10 minutes of him clattering away! As I have worked in the Leisure industry, in years gone by, I figured that he had performed a Line check and an instrumental sound check, so maybe we had a big band playing at the hotel on my last night! Then came the voice mic check………which he proceeded to sing ‘My heart will go on'(badly), 5 frigging times. I was just about to launch myself into the pool and perform some underwater swimming…. When he said those important words….’Sound test finish, sound test finish! Bloody good job too, however, curiosity got the better of me and now I wanted to know what this evenings entertainment was. To undergo a 1 hour sound check might mean a decent band or even an orchestra! I headed to the entertainment notice board to see….. Wednesday night….. BINGO evening -top prize 50 euros! Looks like I will spending the evening in my room with Mickey the Mouse!

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