Sea Mist/Chainsaw Man

For those of you that are avid readers of my holiday travels (I know there are not many), they will remember last year the sea mist rolling in from the sea over the cheap hotels on the coast. Local Spanish folklore refers to this as the death mist and if you get caught up in it, it will pull you out to sea when it retreats and last year it was responsible for displacing quite a few costal resort customers. Well it’s back…… However, this time not content to linger on the coastline it has come further inland and we are watching it slowly approach.As the mist encroached into the Campo a wailing sound was heard from the other side of the hill which turned into a high shrill, on closer inspection (not too close), we could see chainsaw man randomly waving his operational saw in the air. Now either we have a concerned local resident that believes that he can defend himself from the mist or we have a developing situation and a potential mad man on the loose! So we have locked the doors, turned off the lights and gone to bed…. Will update in the morning! (Hopefully)!

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