Trouble at DIY Store

Suffering from the holiday blues, I decided to give the house a mini make over (much to the disgust of my partner fondly referred to as Manc). So off I popped to the DIY Store, whizzed around with my trolley (wondering whether it’s only me that’s picks trolleys with wheels that all seem to want to go in different directions), stopping at various points to load up with materials to make house look like a ‘Barretts show home’! Get to the tills, this for me is always a hard choice, I look to the serving assistant to see which one is fast and has the smallest queue! (Again wondering whether if it’s just me that does this). Decision made, stood behind respectable looking couple already being served……behind me shuffled an elderly gentleman holding a tape measure……..then all hell broke loose!A phone started ringing, after several seconds the woman of the respectable couple said to the man ‘aren’t you going to answer that’, he said ‘No’. Still it rang and the serving assistant continued putting their purchases through the till. The phone stopped! (Hurrah, I am in a hurry and want to get home, I need to get Manc, my other half, surgically removed from armchair to help in mini house maker over). And then it started again… This time time the woman said ‘Well’! The man said nothing but was beginning to look slightly flustered! Then she said ‘It’s Her isn’t it’ (Oh shit this is not good), she turned to face him square on and put one hand on her hip and one out in front of her and said ‘Give the phone to me’ (oh shit this is really not good, not good at all), I turned round to look at the elderly gentleman behind me, so we could exchange sympathetic glances, but he was peering closely at his tape measure and seemingly studying the damn thing, so I looked at the serving assistant, who looked about 12 years old and was looking blankly at the couple and chewing gum! Then the woman spoke again ‘I said give me the phone’! The man gingerly took his phone out of his back pocket and handed it to the woman, who looked at the screen and shouted ‘I knew it’, and promptly threw it on the floor and stamped on it (3 times) and stormed off out the store leaving purchases, crushed phone and man behind. With that the man turned and headed off after her! The serving assistant looked over his counter at the destroyed phone on the floor and then announced on his tannoy mic ‘ Spillage at till 5, till 5 now closed’. And then said directly to me ‘I’m closed’. I turned round to tell the elderly gent who had gone from shuffling to speedy and was already queuing up at the next till! I never seem to have much luck with trolleys and queues! Will send Manc next time!

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