Back to Reality

Back to work, back to the rain, back to the chores and back to earth with a bump! Missing holiday acquaintances Grunter, Mickey, Pedro, Mic Man, the Jumping 6, Bang Bang and of course the invisible donkeys! But gloom replaced with Joy when I went to local phone store and told I was to have a free gift (thank you very much), I was given a brightly coloured power bar for my phone. Now not being a tech geek I wasn’t quite sure was it did, but it looked pretty and was free! So thanked pleasant customer service assistant and off I went! However,two days later I receive a text from my phone company to say that they were recalling a batch of power bars because of some minor fault, they can explode! (How can anyone refer to explode as minor fault?). All customers to check the serial number. I am now being practical and convince myself that it is highly unlikely that I will have one of the dangerous devices. Will check!! Frigging great am carrying around a potential explosive device in my handbag! So next day I return to the shop, carefully remove the potentially explosive device from my bag and place it softly on the counter in front of smiling customer service assistant. I announce ‘I am returning my exploding power bar’. The assistant grabs the bar, checks the batch number and says ‘yep ok thanks’ and promptly throws it into box next to him. I didn’t know whether to cover my ears or just dive to the floor! …… Nothing happened! So I said ‘It didn’t explode then’. Assistant said ‘Errr No’, they have been recalled because when overheated they can leak battery acid’. ‘Oh! Ok can I have my replacement one’ I replied. ‘No we haven’t got anymore you will have to wait a month madam’ (A month!). I said to the still smiling assistant ‘ So I have been given a free gift, then told it was an explosive device, have driven here carefully avoiding all the potholes to ensure it remained in a stable condition only to be told it doesn’t explode it just leaks and now you are telling me I will have to wait a month to get a new one, I am not feeling the customer satisfaction experience’! His smile started to disappear but then was replaced with a very large grin. He said ‘if madam would like to go onto the website and follow this link you will be issued with a £20 voucher to use in the shop’ Result! Madam left the shop happy!

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