Holiday with Mum

So I have had annual holiday with the family this year and was dreaming of next years destination when my mother pointed out that she hadn’t been away! (This is true we didn’t take her!). She said she wanted a break and had been looking at some holidays, and would I be interested….. Of course I would! Then she showed me the website…..Ah, coach holiday, half board at seaside hotel, lots of activities… Crib, Ballroom Dancing and Bingo! (Not bloody Bingo….well that brought back bad memories of wailing noises and the Titanic)! Think quick…..what to say…. ‘OK right well that looks interesting and has a variety of entertainment, do you play crib (now I know she doesn’t), ‘No not really’ she replied. I continued… Do you like to dance? ‘Oh yes’ she replied (bugger!) but I prefer to tap dance. Well not being an avid fan of Strictly Come Dancing (have never watched it) I was relatively confident that the Ballroom dancing itinerary didn’t include a load of over 80’s tap dancing on the coast! ‘Ah shame, do you like Bingo’ I asked (fingers were crossed behind my back). ‘No not really but there will be other things to do’ she said. (Yes probably knitting, afternoon teas and sitting in conservatory with blanket over lap). Drastic action was now need…..I was going to go for it and ask the big question! ‘What will we do if it rains’?…….she looked thoughtfully and after several seconds she said… ‘I don’t know, it would be nice to go somewhere where it’s sunny’! Bullseye…..Result…..So I went on line immediately booked the flights, the accommodation and car…….Malaga here we come! 

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