Holiday Packing

Every year is the same, I pack my suitcase, always worrying as to whether I will have enough to wear and weigh my bag. (It always hovers around the dreaded 21kg – 20kg maximum weight allowed) so I unpack, repack and re weigh, and might just reduce it by 1/2 kilo. (Never mind put extra weight in Mark’s bag, he only ever packs 3 of everything!). Yet when I am on holiday I never seem to get to wear everything, in fact one year I deliberately wore three outfits on one day just because I was running out of days! I packed five pairs of shoes and virtually lived in one pair and as for all the matching sarongs and swimwear, the black costume was the only one that saw the light of day! I usually adopt the attitude that it’s too hot to worry about fashion! But the worse thing is that while I’m there I go shopping and buy more holiday clothes! So as I remember that only a month ago I was in the hotel and looking at my half unpacked suitcase and thinking, I’ve done it again I’ve packed too much, this time I will be very prudent and my aim is to weigh in at 15kg!(suitcase not me…….my weight, diet and eating habits is a story in itself). I will not be able to use any of my Mum’s suitcase, as she is packing for just about every different type of weather (according to her you can never be too sure). Will update accordingly!

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