Holiday Luggage Problems

Have taken everything out of suitcase and started again! How hard can this be! Why is it that most men don’t pack until the day before, literally grab a few things from the drawers, chuck them in the vicinity of the case, chose a few toiletries and are good to go! I start planing, washing, ironing and buying those little travel toiletries six weeks before! I usually pack, unpack, repack, weigh bag, throw contents on floor and start all over again. Every year I promise myself I will pack like a man! I never manage it. So here I am looking forlornly at my holiday items and deciding what will not be accompanying me on my travels. (It doesn’t help that today in my lunch break I purchased a set of heated travel rollers). They will be coming that’s non negotiable. After two hours of re arranging I am still at 23kgs, I decide to go and see how my mum is getting on. She proudly announces that she is all packed and ready (we have another 12 days to go). I look at her zipped up suitcase in horror. ‘Oh my god’ I exclaim. ‘What the hell is that’?. She looks at me and then back at the suitcase and says ‘Its my red suitcase for holiday’. ‘Thats not a suitcase that’s hand luggage’ I replied. With that I rush and get my weighing machine. Load suitcase and announce ‘It only weights 11kgs’, and slowly the realisation creeps upon me. I go up into the loft get a larger suitcase down and hand it to her and say. ‘This is your suitcase for the holiday, can you re pack your things in here and do you think I could put a few things of mine in too’. ‘Oh course dear’ she replied. I return to my room grinning, knowing I can now actually take a few more shoes with me and maybe a couple more dresses! 

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