Fire Alarm Friday

Why is it on the one day I actually manage to squeeze in a lunch break, and arrive at a local retail shop, only to find staff and customers leaving the premises in their droves! Then a staff member appears with a clip board and commences with a roll call. I overhear an employee say to another, ‘it not a drill it’s the real thing there’s a fire’. (Bugger I had hoped that it was a practise). As the shop is within a mile of the nearest fire station I was surprised I couldn’t hear any sirens! Then the manager appeared from the shop and said that there was a fire, a piece of paper was burning next to the toaster! (What! just one piece of paper!) He then said ‘I need to ring head office’, and on his mobile phone could be heard to say ‘Yes burning paper….. Yes by the toaster….. Yes just one piece of paper……no not very big…….well no not a big fire more smokey. ….no I didn’t …..well the alarm went off….. Well I suppose…. Yes sir ok I will err well I suppose I could of, yes yes will do……. And with that went back into the building. Three minutes later he reappeared and said the fire was out. A member of staff said to him what about the fire engines? The manager looked slightly confused and then blurted out ‘oh I forgot to ring them, oh well never mind it’s all sorted now back to work everyone’. Somehow I don’t think this guy is going to last long, but at least I had 15 minutes left of my lunch and time for a bit of retail therapy.

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