Evening Out With My Son (part 2)

Ok not quite what I was expecting, need to concentrate and figure out what to take to the hospital (apart from the phone charger). Went to his room (well that was my 1st mistake) by the look of things obviously a riot had recently taken place in there, (clothes and rubbish everywhere) and after the riot they must of all showered (loads of damp towels in massive heap in corner) and then they must of had food and drink (dirty plates and empty glasses scattered around)! Decided it was not safe to enter room to gather toiletries. So headed off in the car and would stop on route to get supplies! Making list in my head as I drove. 1. Toiletries 2. PJ’s 3.Underwear 4. Socks 5. Charger (number 5 was my 2nd mistake…bugger I forgot charger, scrap number 5. 6. Power pack to charge phone….arrived at retail outlet got everything on my list and just needed nightwear for him. His usual attire consisted of Calvin Klein lounge pants, don’t think I will be getting that in the supermarket clothing department. Managed to find a reasonable pair of PJ’s but had to snigger to myself as the top had blazoned all over it Rise and Shine! (He won’t be impressed with that)….. And off I went to the hospital.

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