Holiday Upgrade

Usually when I book holidays I like everyone else try to get a good deal price wise, and that usually means budget airlines with awful flight times either early in the morning (before the dawn chorus) or late at night (the same time people wake up to party in Magaluf). Then they ask you if you want to take luggage (why do they ask that? – of course I bloody do, I have spent the last year shopping for my summer wardrobe), so that costs more money and the list goes on….Do you want a seat….well YES that would be good (oops misread that do I want seat allocation). NO! so long as I am on the plane I don’t care….Do I want more leg room…..YES but I not going to pay for it….so that’s a NO. Do I want to be near an exit (what the hell! NO I have no intention using it). Do I want to fast track…said NO to that one.(will get elderly mother to pretend to feel faint when in queue, that will probably fast track us). Do you want access to airport lounge…. NO (could maybe try the fainting there too!). Do you want insurance…NO Got it already…Do you need extremely sport insurance….Ha bloody ha! NO! Do you need accommodation… NO got it….Do you need car hire….NO got it…….Do you need any transfers from the airport…….oh for god sake am losing the will. NO! and then the words PAY…….. Credit card gets accepted and details of the flights displayed! Instead of seeing the name of a budget airline it displayed the name of one I have never flown with before and then I noticed the flight times are actually during the day.

Now it took a little time to sink in but when I realised I jumped up, threw my arms in the air and shouted…………We have been upgraded…….. To be continued!

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