Leggings, Tights or Long Johns?

I had always hoped that as I got older I would remain tolerant and open minded to fashion and believe me I like clothes that are made of that stretch like material (especially as I can squeeze into a size smaller and fool myself)! However, I seem to be having difficulty with the clothing referred to as ‘Leggings’. You see them everywhere in the shops, in all sorts of colours and loads of people wear them, but I have this nagging doubt. Whilst some seem to be made of thicker fabric, others seem very thin, so much so that you can actually see what type of underwear that is being worn! I figure that this is either because thats the intention, or the material has been stretched beyond what the manufacturer expected! Either way I just want to shout ‘where the hell is your skirt’. Is it just me aren’t they nothing more than tights (cut off at the ankles) or just a rehash of what was known as long johns worn by elderly men?

4 thoughts on “Leggings, Tights or Long Johns?

  1. Maxine: The easy answer to your concern about being able to see the underwear under the leggings is … don’t wear any!! ; )

    The person I would like to smack is the guy (it HAD to be a guy) who invented lycra. How have the Fashion Police not just opened fire on half of the people in the various aerobic and other classes at gyms across the world. I don’t know how some of these people can pack so much body in so little material. I have seen sausages that aren’t packed in as tightly as some of the women are packed into their workout clothes at my gym.

    Oh, and we elderly men don’t wear “long johns.” We wear “thermal underwear.” Big difference. At least psychologically.

    Nice blog. Hope you will check mine out and leave some feedback:



    1. Dennis: women with no underwear, now why didn’t I think of that! After much thought on the subject I think it would be better for all parties concerned if underwear was worn on the outside of the leggings (yes like superman) and should be in the style of ‘Bridget Jones’ (large and thick). Thank you for clarifying the preferred choice of underwear for the more mature man. I would be very interested on your thoughts on the new fashion, known here as ‘Jeggings’. (I thought it was a board game at first). Love the Yurtle Alert!


      1. Maxine: After much research (including a look at a website that advertised “leggings for plus sized women” and another one that promoted “leggings for women with muffin tops”), it is my considered opinion that the only women who should be permitted to wear them are women named Kate Upton or who have appeared in a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue in the past 3 years.

        Were you aware they are also available for men? I have some on right now. Oh, wait. Security is asking me to leave Starbucks!!! Too much muffin top I guess. It competes with the muffins they sell.


      2. Dennis: well that’s me out then. I can relate to muffin top and thinking about looking into waist training, but not sure if that just spreads some of it up and some of it down! Will google it!


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