Launch of Blog on Facebook

Today was the day I launched blog on Facebook. It was a quiet do as I hadn’t actually told anyone I was doing it and I celebrated with a cup of tea and cake. It would seem that already I am in the crap (what’s new) as I have failed to mention my other half (Mark), in the About me and Blog bit! (He appeared at the door had the frown thing going on). So suffice to say I have added him! And as he is obviously keen to appear in print I am sure he won’t mind me sharing the occasional stories about him. (There is often a funny ditty to be had when he goes out clearing up the poo!). In fact that reminds me I need to buy some new dog poo bags, the last ones I bought were too thin and he complained that his fingers were going through them! I was in the crap for that too! (But there again……so was he!).

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