Marvellous Malcolm the Malaga Magician

What can I say……I am not sure what was worst ‘Shit at 35,000ft’ or sitting through 2 hours of Malcolm pulling plastic flowers from his sleeves (he did that trick four times), pulling a stream of hankies from his top pocket (he did that one three times), making things disappear in a black box (yes the one where you can see the false back) and disappearing coins that he found behind people’s ears (thankfully not mine). He performed all these wonderful little tricks to music and to be fair I quite liked some of the tunes. It became obvious he was leading up to his finale, the music stopped and out came the black top hat. He paraded round showing the audience (about 12 of us…. well 11 of us Mother had nodded off by that point) the empty hat. He threw a black cloak over it, did some weird movement with his hand and as he pulled the cloak away the music speakers came to life with ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ and there in the hat was a stuffed rabbit! (It was quite bizarre). However, Malcolm, I have to say, saved the best till last. Suddenly a drum roll came through the speakers he threw the cloak over the hat, did the funny hand movement again, pulled back the cloak and there was a white Dove sat in the hat! (Yes a real live one). He clicked his fingers and the music came back on with ‘I’m flying without wings’, the Dove flew from the hat to his out stretched hand and then proceeded to walk along his arm and onto his shoulder, it really was very impressive and then the Dove decided to shit on him, all down the front of his black tuxedo jacket. I have never laughed so much in my life, I shot of my seat and stood up clapping enthusiastically, I can’t remember the last time I gave anyone a standing ovation. (The only magicians I like now are Dynamo, David Blaine, Tommy Cooper and Marvellous Malcolm the Malaga Magician and his shitting dove)

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