Shopping with Mother

We wanted to do a bit of shopping so we went to the local indoor shopping complex. Mother wanted some cologne and I was looking for el cheapo watch. I took her to quite a large store with a variety of perfumes and toiletries arranged to meet her in 10 minutes. Now that’s where I made my mistake. The 10 minutes passed and as I returned to the shop with my newly purchased watch, she emerged with her purchase. As we walked off she said ‘I have bought a lovely cologne, it’s Spanish’. ‘Lovely’ I respond. She continues ‘it’s made in Madrid and it’s actually called Madrid, it says on it it’s the real Madrid’….. I stop and say ‘Let me have a look’… ‘You can’t it’s all wrapped up like a gift’. ‘We need to go back to the shop’ I say. We return and I ask her to show me which one it is…..Yep… Displayed on the box is Real Madrid along with the football teams logo….she had bought mans cologne….looks like you have a present coming your way Mark! Note to self: Do not leave mother unsupervised.

One thought on “Shopping with Mother

  1. Doesn’t every guy want to smell like a sweaty football player? Does a Real Madrid player smell different than a British player?? We can make a set of colognes using the smells of all 28 American Major League Baseball teams!

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