Diva Gloria

A middle aged pleasant looking lady with an equally pleasant voice. She did 2 sets, the first one comprised of all the well known ballads….Islands in the Sun…. 9 to 5….. The Power of Love…..to name a few, which pleased the more mature residents, who sang along, tapping their feet and swaying their heads to the beat. She took her break and returned. She altered the lighting and fiddled with the music equipment.  I certainly wasn’t expecting what happened next! (She had obviously turned up the volume) and over the mic she boomed…….’She got a body like an hour glass, But I can give it to you all the time. She got a booty like a Cadillac, But I can send you into overdrive oh yeah!

Well that woke them up…

As she launched into the chorus ‘Bang bang into the room I know ya want it, Bang bang all over you I’ll let ya have it’, she accompanied it with what I think was her interpretation of Twerking, she looked like she was hoopla hooping without the hoop, but bent over. Can’t say it went down well with the older generation as frowns appeared, amused looks came from the family groups and the little children stopped in their tracks.

(This had suddenly got interesting).

She followed it immediately with Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ and strutted around the terrace. I think she was out of breath by then as she resorted to form and went back to the power ballads for the next 40 minutes, smiles returned to the audience, family groups look relieved and children started playing happily again. (I was a bit miffed).

However, Gloria like Malcolm saved the best till last. She must of seen the spec savers advert and decided to incorporate it into her act. She grabbed a head band and put it on and up went the lights and up went the volume as she shrieked. ‘Get those bodies moving’ and went onto to sing and dance to ‘Sexy and I know it’ she worked the room like a pro and got the majority of the audience performing the moves. Admittedly during the chorus she got stuck on the floor whilst trying to do part of the high energy workout, but a waiter was on hand to help her up, to resounding cheers from the crowd.

It was amusing seeing the advert for the first time, but to see a bunch of tourists of all ages attempt to replicate this was hilarious. You might of guessed I gave her too a standing ovation.
I am actually looking forward to tomorrow’s entertainment.

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