Driving Over Pavements -Andalusian Style

Meet Vera a two seater Citroen. Having owned a Citroen Dyane I was delighted to be offered a drive around the town in this lovely little car. Now 2CV Citroen cars are renowned for their fantastic suspension. Whilst I expected a bit of a bumpy ride I hadn’t expected to be driven over the raised road humps at speed and mounting the pavements on just about every turn and corner. I was trying to concentrate on the lovely town but the constant hitting of my head on the internal metal roof was not helping, neither was driving over pavements and colliding with curbs. Suddenly we came to an abrupt stop, to admire another 2CV, I was just catching my breath and rearranging my hair when we shot off again. The next stop was outside a church, Bee said ‘Isn’t it lovely’ (I had no idea at this point as I couldn’t focus and I think concussion was setting in). We shot off again sped up the hill and into a parking space (I staggered out of the car) then Bee put her head through the window (she hadn’t got out of the car but had turned off the engine) and said ‘Could you give Vera a push’ (what!). ‘Why’ I said……’Well the back is sticking out and if I drive closer I might hit the pavement. Just push her till she gently touches the curb’….. (Might hit the pavement!!!!!)…… I did as I was told. We left Vera locked up and gently touching the pavement as Bee strode purposely towards the ice cream parlour with me limping behind in a dazed state!….. To be continuedDriving Over Pavements

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