Karaoke Night

I said in a previous blog I said that I hated Karaoke, so I was not looking forward to the evenings entertainment. First up was ‘Orange Lady’, who was wearing an orange dress, that matched her orange painted nails, her orange lip stick and her orange fake bake tan. Before she sang a note she said over the mic ‘Orange is the new Black’ (idiot woman). She attempted to sing ‘I am Beautiful’……Get off next please…..Up next was a male duo from Liverpool (yep Liverpool supporters) wearing Liverpool FC shirts and they tried ‘You’ll never walk alone……Get off next please……Spanish Lady wearing pretty red dress sang ‘Rest your knees’ (??).. No sorry it was ‘Rescue Me’… Get off next please……..The Hotel Manager decided it was his turn (surely he will be able to sing). He warbled through ‘I Did it My Way’….time for me to Get off and go to bed!Note to self: I still hate Karaoke

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