Spanish Classes at The Ice Cream Parlour

I managed to sit down at the Ice Cream a Parlour and ordered a coffee, wasn’t sure whether to rub my head or back first. After a while the soreness wore off and Bill suggested we have an ice cream. Eager to show off my spanish speaking skills I offered to go inside and order. No one else wanted anything and Bill wanted the flavour Nutella brown. (How hard could this be!). Confident in my ability to order this I was overjoyed when I saw that all the ice creams were labelled…. (Piece of cake… well ice cream). The only minor issue was that under Nutella it said (blanco y negra). My confidence soared I understood this and Bill wanted (negra). Now the sign was in the front container and the ice cream in there was white with brown stripes and the ice cream in the container behind was brown…..sorted. Ordered that (well pointed)….. That’s when it all went a bit pair shaped. The guy filled the bowl with the brown unlabelled ice cream and in my haste I asked for my one (cherry cheesecake). Well he obviously thought I wanted on top of the brown Nutella…..No..No.. With my limited Spanish I said ‘No no quiero er er ‘ (shit what’s ‘together’ in spanish). I changed tack and grabbed two pots gestured frantically until he realised….’Ah Si Si’he said. With that he knocked the cherry cheesecake off the top of the Brown Nutella added an extra scoop so you couldn’t see the vanilla still left on it and filled another bowl for me….excellent…paid and returned to table….Happy!
Well if someone knows his ice creams it’s Bill, after several spoonfuls he said this isn’t Nutella, this is Ferro Roche. ‘No it isn’t’ I relied. He continued ‘And why have I got a Cherry in my ice cream’? (Bugger!). ‘ Look I can explain about the cherry but you definitely have Nutella’ I said ‘No I haven’t’ he replied. By this time I was confident that I had ordered the right one and said come in and I will show you. He did, we looked, I hadn’t. The unlabelled container was in fact Ferro Roche and the Nutella in front was white and brown and not as I though white in the front brown at the back. The brown one was in the next display cabinet. Epic fail….when suddenly the guy behind the counter obviously thought that if I tasted the ice creams I would have a better understanding! So he gave me spoonfuls of a range of different ice creams (free of charge) and very nice they were. So what have I learnt….. In future make sure I order the wrong ice cream for Bill which will mean I get loads of free ice cream. Happy Happy Happy!!!

2 thoughts on “Spanish Classes at The Ice Cream Parlour

  1. I love your memories of our evening together! I think you may have been secretly drinking and got a bit muddled with some of your facts though!…….I only hit the curb three times!! X

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