Back Home in the UK

The journey home went smoothly, except for some turbulence. When we left Malaga the skies were grey and the weather turning, which made it slightly easier to say goodbye. Check in was quick and even the customs man was gracious when he found a bottle of water in my hand luggage. (I forgot to take it out). 
We arrived home to sunny skies and a smiling Mark at the airport. Onward journey to home where Whiskey (our very old cat) was waiting in the sun on the door mat and two very excitable doggies inside.
All in all a good holiday and as I unpacked my suitcase and hand luggage, I placed my newly acquired purchase from the duty free shop on my dressing table. I started to grin as I thought back to the surprise on the customer assistants face when I placed my shiny bottle of designer perfume on her counter and emptied the entire loose change from my purse out in front of her…….60 Euros worth! After she counted it, handed me my bag I walked away thinking I wonder what ‘Turn that frown upside down’ in Spanish is!

3 thoughts on “Back Home in the UK

    1. You speak spanish? Fantastico… Does ‘Alegrar esa cara’ mean ‘Turn that frown upside down’? Not sure if I should trust someone that makes a habit a sticking gum everywhere! It might mean ‘your moustache needs waxing’…. Gonna google this shit!


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