Plastic Gardening

Now there is no way I could ever be described as a gardener. In fact when I discuss some of my ideas to a friend that is a avid gardener she usually ends up in tears, all because of one little word… ‘Plastic’! What’s wrong with plastic? (well apart from recycling, environmentally friendly to wildlife and probably a whole lot more). It’s not as if the whole garden is completely plastic, just a few artificial plants here and there! But this year I tried to come out of my comfort zone and bought 3 trugs (yep adventurous I know) and planted some veg and herbs. I even purchased strawberry and tomato plants along with a miniature apple tree.
Now I think from going from being a queen of plastic (I know my plastic) to a real life fruit and veg was somewhat ambitious but I am always up for a challenge.
So this summer saw me digging, planting, watering, feeding, watering, cutting, more watering, putting sticks in to hold stuff upright (not sure what the technical term is), watering to finally viewing and picking my crops.
Well what did I get out of it…. Well naff all really….the bloody squirrels ate all my strawberries (I reckon I had at least 15), not content with taking just one or two, no, they snaffled the whole lot! The tomato plants got attacked by sodding snails (don’t like snails). And they are sneaky buggers, they leave half behind so all looks ok until you pick it. (unlike the squirrels they had the decency to leave some intact, managed to salvage 6). The crop of carrots consisted of 23 small orange blobs measuring about 3cm in length (1 inch approx). The celery was tough as old boots in fact so hard it could be used as an offensive weapon. The spring onions died (might be because I over watered them and forgot to put drainage in trug and they were floating around) and the apple tree has yet to bear any fruit (but is still alive). However, I did have resounding success with my herb garden (well 2 large pots). I planted mint……well it’s grown like bloody triffids. It’s everywhere, the downside is no one likes mint!

Will update if apple tree gets it’s act together!

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