Hairstyles for Older Women – Advice Needed

Long or Short Hair?
Ok so since I was 15 years old (that’s decades ago) I have had relatively long hair. I have only ever had shortish hair twice since then. The first time (about 15 years ago) which was when it was forced on me…. I had a perm and it was over processed and within days it went to straw and began breaking off (seriously badly, I am not talking just the ends, but brush it and it would break off about 3 inches of hair). I went to another hairdresser only to be told perm had to be cut out. Wasn’t happy, didn’t like short hair and spent the next 10 years growing it.

Then decided to have it cut, the years of bleaching and colouring (hiding the grey) took its toll and I wanted to have hair that ‘moved/swung’, (you know like the hair you see in the adverts)… my hair when long just seems to lay down over my shoulders like a scruffy old rug. So I had it cut again.

Now I find myself again with long hair, still colouring it (the fight against the grey getting harder), and am beginning to wonder whether when you reach a certain age (50’s) you should have a more ‘appropriate hair style’ (see pic).

As I do not have clue regarding what styles suit what face shapes etc I would be grateful for any advice… All suggestions will be considered…unless they are bloody ridiculous!!!!!

Note: I have a fringe because that hides wrinkles on forehead.


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