How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog

I keep seeing lots of posts about gaining ‘more traffic’ to blog, so I decided to investigate. A lot of posts seem to give the similar advice and list ideas and where you might be going wrong, I have chosen my top 10 (there were lots more tips but I got slightly bored):-

1. Always consider the title, it should be eye catching and make an impact.
(Ok, so I had a quick look at some of my titles….Work…..Holiday….Hire Car…. Ok yes I get the idea maybe I need improvement in this area)

2. Write about interesting things.
(Had another quick look……Donkey smells, Plastic garden plants, Luggage…..Ok yes I guess I need improvement in this area too)

3. Optimise SEO
(Not a clue what this means…it all got a bit confusing…so will skip this one)

4. Join relevant groups that share your interests.
(Now this is going to be a bit more difficult as I am not sure I fall into any groups, I need to look and find groups for stressed overworked mothers with weird sense of humour…. Will google it!)

5. Comment on other peoples blogs and leave thoughtful comments.
(Doubt they will think I have anything interesting to say….but will give this a go)

6.Spread information about your blog on social media.
(I am already all over this, as I have ….Facebook page….Twitter page….and I do have an Instagram account but have only put up one picture… Note to self: Need to take more pics)

7. Write shorter posts
(I can do that)

8. Guest post on other peoples blogs.
(Not sure how I do that, but hey if any bloggers are out there and want me to do so, I am available…..)

9. Be funny and clever
(I can do sarcasm quite well and do have an O level…. So reckon I have ticked that box)

10. Use You Tube and make videos.
(No chance…I haven’t yet got to grips with my bloody selfie stick yet)

Hope this helps will let you know if I see an improvement….. Watch this space! Or not!

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