A Serial Dieter

Ok I know the title and content isn’t great and probably a lot of people blog about diet, fitness and exercise. Well they are professionals and know what they are doing blah blah! Me I haven’t a bloody clue I just know that I need to lose weight as clothes are getting considerably tighter and I can’t afford a new wardrobe! (Plus my arse is almost the size of Texas). So I am going to have to diet (hate it….seriously hate it!…. I am hungry even thinking about it!).

In the past, like a lot of people, I have tried all sorts of diets (I won’t list them but they are all the usual ones), and yes have incurred some extremely unpleasant side effects (Mark will concur with that fact). I have resorted to over the counter diet pills (shit yourself thin ones), and spend a lot of time in the toilet as well as leaving nasty odours in rooms (I can actually give the dogs a run for there money on that score). Suffice to say I have tried loads of ways to lose weight!

Have I managed to? Yes sometimes but mainly no….and why? No bloody will power and combined with the fact I eat too much (yes even on a diet). So in my case it’s not the diet that doesn’t work it’s just that I am just too bloody greedy!

So next week I have decided to try something new and approach it in a different way. I have ordered some shake things (green ones I think) and these will act as meal supplements. Now I have never tried this style of dieting before (has never appealed) and I am already concerned that I will only be able to have liquid the first few days.

I will of course blog my progress on here (don’t expect too much), and my fitness programme will consist of getting off bum and taking the dogs for walk. (I might try running up the stairs once a day…just the once though). I need to lose 1 stone (This will give me a little bit of wiggle room and enough that I can over indulge at Christmas)…. I told you I am not a serious dieter….. Just a serial dieter….


Weigh in next Monday…..to be continued

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