1 Day to Go – Countdown to Cleanse

So only one more day to go before I start yet another bloody diet (sorry Cleanse). You might, or might not, be interested to know that I have spent last two days preparing for it. However, I think my preparation probably differs from the norm. I guess the average person that was preparing for a marathon would become disciplined and train. My preparation for my ‘Cleanse’ has resulted in me eating anything and everything I can get my hands on. Tonight I had Aromatic duck followed by chocolates, and very nice it was. I have a naive belief that if I eat more now I will feel less hungry when I start my diet (cleanse) and will lose more weight because I pigged out just before! (A physiologist could probably explain my behaviour…the simple version is that I am just greedy). So as I count down the hours, I am constantly thinking that I have one more day of food and then hell on earth! (well hell for my stomach). So as I sit here with a lovely cup of tea and piece of cake (yes I am eating again) I am ok, panic mode has not yet set in!

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