Day 1 – The Cleanse

So today was the day it started…. ‘The Cleanse’ (size 0 here I come, or maybe not!). What can I say about today, well it went like something like this…..
Got up and weighed myself (now depressed)

Measured myself (depression becoming clinical)

Drank water for breakfast (feel like a fish, not happy, not happy at all)

Unpacked my ‘Cleansing Program’, I have vitamins, aloe vera gel, powder shakes and fibre sachets. I also been given a nice shaker container (I liked that and can’t help thinking I could mix up a mean Yorkshire pudding mixture in it).
The vitamins – not a problem

Fibre sachet – bland like dish water

Aloe Vera gel (what the hell is that shit? Probably the most vile thing I have every tasted, horrid, nasty and vile…who came up with this concoction needs a good slap) and the worst thing is that you have 3 a day!

Powder shake – the saving grace, tasted like vanilla milk shake

No food today or tomorrow just the above and loads of water. Side effects, mild headache probably bought by the stress of drinking the aloe shit! 
On the whole it hasn’t been too bad but I have been told it gets worst tomorrow! (Great).
So I am hungry, depressed and drinking shit! (Best I be losing weight!)
Additional Info: I was allowed a herbal tea… be continued

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