Shopping With Mother, Coffee and Baby Food

So I plucked up courage and took Mother shopping with me (in the UK). Confident that if I mislaid her in any shop, everyone speaks English and we would be reunited! All went very well, she stayed close by and no missing persons alert issued! I should of quit while I was ahead…. We decided to stop for coffee, I took all the bags with me and sat down whilst she went to get the drinks. She returned with a tray consisting of two coffees, two bakewell slices, two caramel waffles (Mother has a sweet tooth) and a brightly coloured pouch with the words apples, carrots and parsnips on it. ‘Whats that’ I say…..’Its a drink, I bought it because I like parsnips, but I am not keen on carrots and don’t like apples’ she replied. (Not sure how that’s gonna pan out if she only actually likes one of the ingredients). Intrigued I picked up the pouch and studied the packaging. (Shit). ‘This isn’t a drink’ I tell her. She ignores my comment looks unperturbed and says ‘ There was only a few left, so it must be popular, I will have it later at bedtime instead of my water, it will make a nice change’ (it certainly would it was liquidised baby food).


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