Day 3, 4 and 5 : The Bloody Cleanse

Well if I thought Day 2 was bad, I wasn’t prepared for Day 3 and 4. Whilst I knew that I would be giving up both caffeine and sugar, no one told me about the withdrawal symptoms!!!!(It’s a bit like when you have had a baby no one tells you you will be carrying around a soft cushion for the next week). Headaches, extreme fatigue and flu like symptoms developed on Day 3 and gradually worsened until Day 4 when I felt bloody awful (trying to emerge from under the duvet was a challenge in itself). I was told to try and do some exercise (I was impressed that I had hauled my arse out if bed…..exercise as well…I don’t think so). I compromised and went from a swim and that was a disaster, I nearly drowned…….to be continued.

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