Final Evening of Diet (weigh-in tomorrow)

Well tomorrow is the last day of ‘The Cleanse’ and here are my thoughts going into the last night.
Day 1 was OK

Day 2-4 was bloody awful (day 4 in particular was gross, fatigue, headaches and flu like)

Day 5 -6 getting better

Day 7 -8 loads of energy and sleeping really well

Day 9 – tomorrow (so don’t know)

Advice if going on this:-
Tablets – not a problem

Fibre sachet – tastes like dish water (so best bunged into a shake)

Aloe Vera – still tastes like shit (knock it back in one and take a mouthful of shake)

So here I am caffeine and sugar free and over 5lbs lighter, was it worth it? Well get past the first bit and yes it was. So much so I am going to continue with the shakes for at least another week, I not only enjoy them it’s a bloody easy way of counting calories and I don’t have to cook anything (yes I am still lazy, the cleanse didn’t sort that).
Hopefully I will be able to concentrate on blogging as feeling so much better…..and so much has happened this last week….I went shopping for a coat and came back with a car….look gotta go will catch up with you later!

2 thoughts on “Final Evening of Diet (weigh-in tomorrow)

  1. Well done you! James Arthur has just done the Cleanse 9 and lost a stone in weight so it seems to work eh? Looking forward to hearing about the coat/car purchase!! Only you!! X

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