Shopping For Coat…..Bought Car

I was in the middle of shopping for a coat with mother when I received a call from a garage to say that a car had come in and it met the criteria I wanted, but if I was interested to head there straight away. (I was looking for a runaround for my son). So jumped in the car (well mother didn’t) and off we headed. On route I needed to text my son to say that I would have to make a decision. As it is illegal to text when driving I asked my mother to do it (first mistake). I asked her to get my phone out of my bag (second mistake – she took 10 minutes to find it). Another five minutes to get to the correct screen (by this we were half way there) and then started to text. I told her to send ‘on way’ (third mistake). She muttered to herself and after a few minutes I asked how she was getting on she declared that something was wrong with the phone as when she typed O she got P. ‘Thats because those letters are right next to each other on the keyboard, move your finger over’ after 7 attempts she had managed to type the first letter of the message ‘O’ (great at this rate she might just get to the second word before we arrive). Well she got a bit of a spurt on and managed the rest and sent it.
We received a reply and I wanted to send the following message in return ‘Shall I make the decision today about this car and lay a deposit if it’s ok’. I looked over at her peering at the screen and said can you just send ‘gonna buy car’. She just finished sending the text as we pulled up at the garage! I bought the car!

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