Cleanse – lost 5 lbs and 5 inches!

The final weigh in day and I lost 5lbs/5 inches in 9 days (very smug with myself). A bigger surprise is that I am now a fan of Shakes, so easy to do (no preparing, no worrying about calorie counting and no cooking). So I am going to continue until I reach my goal, another bloody 10lbs to go before I come out of the BMI category of overweight! Anyway enough of diet stuff, apologies for not being around, but my workload this week has been so heavy that by the time I get home I have just collapsed in armchair, and have literally crawled up the stairs to bed (which caused great excitement to the dogs who thought I had invented a new game).
So its Friday night and I am looking forward to the weekend. Off shopping with Mother tomorrow (god knows how that’s going to pan out considering our previous trips) and to add to the mix two of my sons are coming with us! (You might think ‘so what’… Well for my sons to go shopping with me is virtually unheard of)

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