It’s Been A While

Well Hello, sorry I haven’t been about.
I would like to tell you that I have flown 1st class to the Caribbean and stayed at a luxury boutique hotel, sipping cocktails for the last week, however, I can’t, because I didn’t. In fact I have been dealing with the aftermath of conversing with an insurance company that has driven me to drink, have been ultra busy at work, and after the cleanse having problems with constipation (enough information I know). So what with dealing with all that shit (or not as still is the case). I have been crawling into bed and too lazy to Blog (bad me!)….
So I am taking the bull by the horns and attempting to sort problems once and for alI, firstly aiming to let rip at the insurance company tomorrow (basically, I know they are trying to wriggle out of it and I will probably get sod all!) and secondly tonight I have decided to take Dulcolax so hopefully by the morning I will of got rid of more shit! As for work well…….

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