Introducing ‘Shit’

The sub-title of my page is Life, Surprises,Sons, Struggles, Stories and Sunshine, well I should of put Shit somewhere in there! In fact I sometimes I think every word should have shit put in front of it…Shit surprises, shit struggles… Yep you get where I am going! Over the next month I will elaborate more! 
Anyway I was trying to remember where I left off. I think it was just after I finished my cleanse and the last three weeks have been hectic, hence my absence.

The first weekend I had to attend a family funeral, a sad day, but always nice to see the relatives, in fact it was really good to meet up. As it was down on the south coast Mother and I decided to extend our stay by an extra night and explore the area……as a previous post mentions, Mother spent more time exploring the toilet facilities! However, on our last night we had some food on the seafront (diet went out of the window) and wondered back to the hotel.

Oh joy! Bingo in the ballroom, well I managed to persuade Mother that it was probably invitation only and we hadn’t got one and that we could retire early to our rooms (10pm). After settling down for the night, I remained awake watching TV….and that’s when it happened…..the sodding fire alarm went off at midnight! Well Mother woke up in a panic and I said ‘wait a bit it might be a false alarm’, well after one minute of the constant shrill, I conceded that we would have to evacuate. Whilst Mother dressed (she was not happy and not that quick), I peered out of the door, kind of expecting to either see flames or mass panic. Nope…nothing or no one! So either they are still all playing bingo, or have already evacuated or are wearing earplugs! Who knows! So after 10 mins we are ready to leave. Knock on the door, open, staff member says “sorry false alarm”…..I thought Mother was going to explode!!

Breakfast the next morning (diet definitely out of the window) was uneventful and the journey home pleasant

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