Diet – Day 1

Ok so I have started the Shaker and Jungle Diet, have managed to survive on Shakes (3), and guess what….I am bloody hungry! So have been saying to myself ‘No pain, No gain’ and when I start to falter I change that to ‘Fat Arse, Fat Arse’ and that seems to be working! So another 9 days and then switch to the Jungle part of the diet (I haven’t figured what that will comprise of yet!). I allow myself 1 snack a day which is a yogurt with grated almonds, fibre and walnuts (How good am I). However, revision of weight need to actually lose 14lbs as last night I stuffed my face and put on a pound in a day (complete bummer!). So looking forward till tomorrow for weigh in!
Note: Apologies that blog is all about diets at the moment but preparing for the Christmas festivities and consumption of tonnes of mince pies!

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