Get On The Segway They Said!

So it was my grand daughters birthday and what a great time we had, all my boys turned up and the house was full of my family. Son number 3 turned up with his new purchase, a funny looking thing that resembled a short plank on two wheels. ‘Have a go Mum’ they said, ‘Go on its easy’ they said! Well as a mother of 5 sons I have had to participate in a range of different activities, including football, karting, swimming, diving, ice skating, skiing and so forth! So here I was about to try Segwaying! I mean how hard can it be to balance! Bloody thing is downright dangerous, it is a feat in itself to get stand on it for a start, it moves all over the place. Well after a few attempts and still grabbing the dining room chair I was on, but not going anywhere. Then it happened, I moved and moved a bit more and kept on moving….the only problem was I was going round and round in a bloody circle. They kept shouting instructions at me, but still it made no difference, round and round! Now I like a roundabout or the waltzer at the fair but this was beginning to become annoying. They still called out instructions ‘You need to use your balance’…….’You need to use your feet’……..’Move your feet’….. Well I did and ended up crashing into the cooker and came off! 

Note to self: I cannot balance properly find out why!

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