Mickey Aka Bill


Mickey is a Podenco Andaluz, who was picked up as a stray in Southern Spain with his brother. Luckily for them they were taken in to the Adana Rescue Centre and were advertised for adoption. 
Now I often see the many pictures of dogs living in rescue centres on Facebook but when I saw him ‘Bill’, I just knew he had to join our family. In fact I believe I wrote ‘I need him’.  

After a few discussions over a few days a decision was made. I applied to adopt the little chap. 

So here we are a few weeks down the road, the papers completed and his place booked on the next transport, leaving Spain is just over two weeks.

I am excited to meet him, I am nervous about whether our two dogs will take to him and worried that he has to undergo such a long trip on his own. But what I do know is that I will love him when I see him, our two dogs will accept him (it’s non negotiable, plus my two Dog Warden friends will guide me through any problems) and that whilst he has to undergo a long, long journey at the end of it will be his cosy bed, his new toys, his new family and his Forever home.

Note to self: Buy boxes of chocolates/wine for dog wardens

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