I Am Still Standing…..Just

Ok it’s been a long long time since the last blog, but I have genuine reasons…
1. Adopted a dog (now have 3 dogs, 1 cat and loads of fish)

2. Work has been busy (so knackered)

3. Busy preparing for Christmas (shopping, shopping and more shopping)

4. Sleepless nights with new doggy (so knackered..see point 2)

5. Writing endless Christmas cards (hand aches)

6. Wrapping Christmas presents (see point 5)

7. Making Christmas Cake (a bit of a white lie…Bought ready made at Aldi)

8. Making loads of Mince pies (see point 7)

9. Putting up endless Christmas decorations

10. Clearing up loads of poo (another white lie…I make him indoors do that)

You get my drift, so due to intense muscular skeletal activity with hands over the last few weeks, I couldn’t write blog. I usually write just before I go to sleep, summing up the day, but have been that knackered I just fall into bed in a heap!  

So what changed today…. Gone to bed early as I had the day from hell at work and if I could I would blog about it I would, but unfortunately I cannot, suffice to say two things…

1. Sometimes you meet challenging people

2. Thank God for Dogs

To anyone that is remotely interested I will try and be a better blogger and will make a New Years resolution to blog at least every week! Last year my New Years resolution was to lose weight! Considering I put on 6lbs this year, suggest you don’t hold your breath, but hey I will give it a go!

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