Major, Molly, Mickey (& Whiskey the Cat)

The new addition to the family, Mickey, is a Podenco rescue dog from Southern Spain. He is only 7 months old and very much in the puppy stage. Chewing is a particular favourite pastime of his, with a fondness for Marks flip flops (I think it must remind him of his homeland). However, when Mark hides or wears them, chairs are another favourite along with rugs! So Mickey is learning the word No, and when he ignores me I then say it in Spanish…No! Failing that redirection with the treat box works!

So with the new routine bedding in the only one that isn’t that impressed is Whiskey the cat, but as he isn’t fond of the other dogs, and in fact doesn’t even like other cats, he just sticks to his same routine and hisses at everyone! I think when I get as old as him I might just take up hissing at people!


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