Healthy Lifestyle 2016 Day 1

Kicking off the day with walking/running with the dog, listening to my new app C25K. First problem.. which dog to take! Will take Mickey, as he needs some lead work and he is a puppy…I will be able to keep up with him! Mark to follow behind with the Major and Molly! (He will not be running!).
Dog ready, I ready, turn on App and off we go….. Well the brisk warm up walk went quite well and we were 4 minutes into it when I could hear Molly howling, which made Mickey want to go back to her and at that same moment I had this woman on the head phones telling me to start running for 60 seconds. So I tried to go into a sprint, Mickey pulled me backwards and I fell off the kerb!…… How bloody hard can it be to run with your dog….well the howling and the pulling went on for the next 10 minutes and I gave up listening to the woman on my earphones and stood waiting until they caught up.
I then had the brilliant idea of changing dogs, I would take Major, the German Shepherd, now he will go in the right direction. Changeover…..then the woman said run….and we did.
Major was delighted to stretch his legs, Molly was howling in the background but our speed and distance meant we could hardly hear her anymore. Then the earphone woman said now walk for 90 seconds……. Unfortunately Major was having such a great time he didn’t want too, so after shouting ‘stop’ five times at the top of my voice did he give in, much to the amusement of some teenagers loitering at the roundabout. I had just about got him to stop when the woman told me to run again (for gods sake I have only just stopped)!
Well as I am not a experienced runner I didn’t realise that running downhill would be harder, especially when being pulled by a dog. Major decided to gallop like a bloody horse, I was holding on for dear life and thinking shit I am gonna fall…..and guess what…..I did!
Fortunately I fell spread eagled onto the grass verge, rather than the pavement, and still clinging onto the dog lead and dog! Who obviously thought it was some kind of game and started barking at me! I could hear laughter coming in the direction of the roundabout. I had no intention of looking back and slowly got up, spat out some muddy grass in my mouth and headed off home…..swearing! Thankful no one could see my red face. Note to self: If ever I decide to run again, do it at night in the dark!

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