Healthy lifestyle 2016 Day 2 

After the somewhat disastrous attempt at running in the great outdoors, I decided to go to the gym….plus it was raining and I didn’t want to get wet!Arrived at gym fully kitted out, and feeling motivated. Decided to start on the treadmill, now I have used one of these before and have bad memories as unfortunately I fell off it, I think it was faulty! So I checked with the staff and they set a nice walking pace and showed me how to increase it…..gradually. Off I went, it’s a clever machine and tells you a host of different things like your blood pressure, distance but thankfully not your weight! After 5 mins I got a bit bored and decided to take it up a few notches, I was now picking up my speed. However, after another 5 minutes I became bored again so I started to look out of the window to the left of me and watch the swimmers in the pool! 

That’s when it all went wrong! I didn’t realise that by turning my head I wasn’t going in a straight line and suddenly one foot went onto the side casing causing me to lose my balance, travel backwards and resulting in me…..yes you guessed it……falling off the bloody end into a heap! Shit! Bugger!

Luckily I was the only one in the gym at the time, it’s a small gym. Well I wasn’t going back on that piece of crap, so I looked around and found a piece of kit that half resembled a bike, got on and started to pedal! That was no good my knees kept hitting the handle bars and the seat wouldn’t shift! So got off!

I looked around again and saw something called a power plate, read the instructions…. Stand on plate and press start…. Excellent can’t go wrong there! Jesus Christ when I pressed the button I thought I was on top of a bloody washing machine in full spin. I was shaking so much my finger kept missing the stop button. On about the seventh attempt I managed to whack the stop button and it finally came to a halt, I think it was about then I thought I was going to throw up!

I looked at my Fitbit….yes I have the proper kit, and saw that I had been in the gym for almost twenty minutes….wow that’s good enough for me.

So grabbed my bag and headed back to the reception. The man on the reception was looking quite flustered and had his hand over his mouth, I casually waved and said ‘By then’ and he burst out laughing, muttering ‘Sorry so sorry’….. My eyes were suddenly drawn to the bright screens situated behind him and it was then I realised that …………the gym had CCTV.


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