Went Running – Went to Hospital

After I had the all clear that the kidney infection was actually a back problem, I decided to partake in Week 1 of the running club (don’t worry I informed the running instructor of the issue). So suitably attired I joined the eager other runners. We were told we were walking part the way (yippee) then she would blow her whistle and we would have to run (bugger) for 60 seconds and she would whistle again. This was to be repeated for the next 45 mins. The only good thing was it wasn’t raining!So off we went, heading down by the canal, and very picturesque it was. Then the shrill of the whistle (bugger) and everyone started to jog…..Now I had ensured that I was at the back…I had said to the instructor that I would be the back marker, and of course no one wants to be last (me I don’t care couldn’t give a shit!). I did this because if I wanted to stop running I could and no one would notice! I had a plan! All was going well until another runner decided to run along side me (bugger), and tried to strike up a conversation (have you ever tried running and talking….it’s impossible)! Whistle went (about time), more walking and more chatter! Just got breath back and whistle went again (bugger), and would this other person leave my side No, (bugger off why don’t you) so I actually had to run, well trot along! This continued until the end of the session! Plan in ruins, red face, sweating, gasping for air thinking I am gonna die by the canal! 

But I made it back to base (only just) said I enjoyed it (I lied), was told by the running instructor that next week I should start at the front to help with my motivation (can’t see that working) and then I climbed into the car drove home, got changed and laid down on the bed and then that’s when it happened……to be continued.

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