Day 1 – Chaos at The Airport

So decided not to sleep as I had a text from airline ‘due to enhanced security issues arrive earlier than scheduled’. So arrived at said Airport 4 hours ahead of flight. The text obviously reached all passengers as everyone had turned up early. And we waited and waited…. It would seem that the airline failed to sodding well tell its staff of the new plan….So after 2 hours of waiting the ground staff rocked up and nearly got trampled in the rush to check in suitcases….. Suitcase checked in and there was a mad rush for security…. Now that has changed…they have some serious kit in there. One man was having his ears scanned!!! After passing through all the scanners and equipment without setting them off I was beginning to relax and made my way to cafe for a strong cup of coffee….and that’s where I got burnt!! (To be continued)

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