Day 1 – 50 Shades of Red

As my room overlooks the pool I can see that the hotel is not overly busy as there are loads of available sun beds. So get changed, grab towel and I am Beach Body Plus Ready (well Pool Body Plus Ready) and find a great spot under the palm tree.
Unfortunately I was joined by a young couple that decided to sit in the sun beds next to me. Well they had only been there 5 minutes and I could hear loud slobbering, I turned to see what going on and yes they were snogging away (loudly). If my sink was making noises like that I’d throw drainer cleaner down it. Then as if she couldn’t get any closer she slides across to his sun bed and there they stay, squashed together on one sun bed bodies entwined in the hot sun! I sniggered to myself….they are going to have some weird tan lines ‘Fuckwits’.

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