Day 2 – Hire Car

Now it’s tradition that I name the hire car and this year I have called it Flash. It’s a lovely white car, roomy and goes like stink! No back firing from this little beauty! Unfortunately Flash and I had a little mishap. I went to the garage and told the guy to put 20 euros in, paid and off I went. Well not far, Flash went into a coughing fit and kangarooed and finally came to a stop. Flipping great!! Rang car hire company and told them what had happened, he asked me what fuel had I put in the car, I said the guy did it and I guess he put petrol in! At this point he began shrieking and I couldn’t make out a word he said but it sounded like ‘puta’! After waiting by the roadside for an hour, topping up my tan. He turned up in a tow truck with another car! A blue one! He changed the cars over handed me the keys of my new car, just muttered under his breath and kept shaking his head. Talk about over reacting, anyway I waved goodbye, of which he ignored and left him at the side of the road scratching his head! 

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