Day 6 – The Day I Met Mrs O

Due to the influx of the English tourists all the sun beds are taken so I decide to go and explore the area and head off in Thumper Bumper! I take the small hilly mountain road and after about 30 minutes arrive at a lovely white washed Spanish town. As Spain is experiencing extreme temperatures at the moment I decide to park up and find a bar. I find a lovely bar with outside tables under the shade of a large tree. The bar is full of customers inside and out, I sit at the one remaining table and a waitress comes to take my order, she speaks a little English and is called Beebee! I order some food and drink. As I wait I start to people watch, I had forgotten my book, and it was soon I noticed an elderly lady sat at a table inside on her own. I then noticed that before the waitresses bought the food to the tables they took it to her table and lowered the plates. She seemed to study the plates and then nodded and waved her hand. This happened every time, and then one time she looked at the plates, shook her head and looked daggers at the waitress who promptly took the plates back to the kitchen. Soon it was my plates turn to be inspected by the mysterious lady. She nodded and over came my cheese and ham toastie! I said to Beebee, ‘who is the lady and why are you taking all the food to her’, she said ‘that’s Mrs O, she is the big boss round here’ and scuttled off. As I was finishing my drink a commotion started at one of the other tables, two very large men began pushing each other and then suddenly the table went over with a crash. I immediately looked over to Mrs O, she had stood up, downed her drink, probably whiskey, and from beneath the table whipped out some Marigold gloves and started to walk over to the fighting men. With ninja like moves Mrs O flicked one of the marigold gloves around one of the guys neck and he fell to his knees, she raised the other marigold and the other guy took off, she released her hold and that guy crawled off…… I had no idea that Marigold gloves could be so useful…. Respect to Mrs O.

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