Day 7 – No News

No real news today, unless you consider the incident of the toilet going into flush mode and refusing to stop! I personally think it had overheated and it was a secondary safety device to cool it down. We were overrun by ants, but that’s not really news either! The one thing that did make me snigger was the other half’s choice of swimming shorts. Let me take you back a while….I started packing my holiday suitcase about a month before I was due to fly and was fully packed, bag weighed and ready with a week to go. (That’s women for you…organised). Men are from a different planet, the other half packed his bag on the day of the flight! So on arrival the first thing is to unpack, and I had everything I needed and yep you guessed it he had only packed one pair of swimming shorts. So four days in he decided to buy another pair of swimming shorts, so off we went shopping! Well I say shopping when a woman goes shopping she goes shopping, which means that you go in all the shops, look at colours, sizes, prices and try things on and only after you have gone in all the shops do you make your decision, and you go back to that shop, which might be the first shop, it might not. Now when men go shopping they go into a shop look at something and say ‘this will do’ and go pay for it. They don’t try it on, they don’t look at others, they are not interested in looking for alternatives. Nope they just buy it and take it home. And this is what happened……what he didn’t bargain on was the sizes in this Country might not be the same as back home. So whilst we were all sunbathing beside the pool he went to put on his new swimming trunks… would seem that in Spain the sizes are somewhat smaller, as when he finally appeared he was wearing the shortest and tightest pair possible! ‘Oh dear did you buy the wrong size’ I said. Snigger snigger! Men can’t shop!

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