Day 8 – Someone Threw A Bone 

Excitement today as we have been invited to the neighbourhood Feria and are meeting up at Pablo’s for some food. When we get there it is very busy, with a marbled table full of buffet food and the vino is flowing. There was a bit of commotion and I turned to see everyone had started to clap and move to the side making room for a man dancing towards the table holding above his head a white container with something in it. As he reached the table he put it down smiling all the time………. I peered over and it was full of onion bhajis! I asked the lady next to me, who happened to be the waitress from the restaurant the other night, BeeBee, what was this all about. She said that the man was called Billo and he was famous for his bhajis and that people came from miles to taste them! 
Plates were handed out and everyone started to eat the lovely beautifully presented food. I was enjoying myself until BeeBee thought it would fun to start a food fight and with that lobbed a chicken bone in my direction, I had just taken a bite out of Billo’s bhaji, saw the bone in the air, swerved to miss it, but in my haste it caused me to choke on my bhaji! So there I was choking, spluttering, my hands at my throat……….then out of nowhere she sprung, nimble, acrobatic, agile and fast. She grabbed me from behind and performed the Heimlich maneuver, suddenly the trapped piece of onion bhaji flew out across the table and straight into the Sangria jug!!!!

I turned around and there she was the fabulous Mrs O! Everyone broke into applause and shouted ‘Senora O Senora O! 

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