In The Skies

So I have Son 1 and his family heading out from Heathrow direct to Houston, Son 3 flying with me from Manchester to Philadelphia (1 stop) then onto Houston, and youngest Son 5 direct from Manchester to Houston.
All went well (surprisingly) and we were airborne! Landed at Philadelphia, smooth change over, and airborne again!

Arrived at Houston looked for Son 2 in arrivals but no one there to greet us. Left Son 3 and friends in arrivals and went looking for hire car, told them to meet me at car rental. Out of airport and onto shuttle bus and expected to head to car rental in airport!

Driver headed off out of terminal and onto Motorway (they call it Freeway here, have no idea why because they have tolls, so hardly free), anyway so off we head, when after about 4 miles out I am beginning to think that this might not of been a good idea! After another 5 miles I am thinking ‘shit’! 

Houston we have a problem!

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