Fright In The Night

After another day out and about I headed off to bed slightly nervous and within five minutes it started. I listened carefully….a rumble followed by a crashing sound. I slowly opened the bedroom door and peered out, there was a table light still on which shone a shadowy light into the kitchen, and the noise started up again. I shut my door in fright, I now knew this mysterious sound came from the heart of the house, in the kitchen. I waited for a few minutes and opened the door slowly, I stepped into the hallway and as I approached the kitchen I grabbed the BBQ spatula in the hall (It was either that or knitted poodle ornament). Armed I went into the kitchen ready to take this person down! Then it happened again but the noise came from behind me. I turned round in panic, dropped the spatula in horror when I realised that something was inside the fridge freezer, I ran out of the kitchen into the bedroom, locked the door and dived under the covers where I rang my son. In quiet gasps I told him what had happened and I could hear muffled voices at the end of the phone, which then broke into fits of laughter…. My son proceeded to tell me, in between his laughter, that his fiancée had flicked the freezer box switch and had turned the ice making machine on!

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